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Artichoke Sauce with Truffle

Artichoke Sauce with Truffle

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Product Description:
The Artichoke Sauce with Truffle by Tartufi Nacci is the emblem of gastronomic harmony, a perfect combination of the sweetness of the artichokes and the intensity of the truffle. This sauce celebrates the richness of natural flavors, offering a sophisticated and delicate tasting experience.
A rich artisanal sauce, created by mixing hand-selected artichokes, high quality extra virgin olive oil and precious truffles (5%), to give you a condiment with a unique and unmistakable taste.

Data sheet:

  • Category: Sauces and Condiments
  • Ingredients: Artichokes, Truffle.
  • Packaging format: Available in 80 g and 170 g jars.

Recommendations for Use: Perfect for transforming simple dishes into memorable culinary creations. Use this sauce to elevate pasta or rice, to create appetizers such as canapés and truffle bruschetta, or as a refined side dish for meats and fish.

Storage: We guarantee the freshness of the product for 3 years starting from the date of production, storing it at room temperature. After opening, it is recommended to consume it within a few days to keep the quality intact.

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      Tradition and Innovation in Respect for Authentic Taste

      Seventy years of Truffle Excellence

      For over seven decades, our selected truffles and truffle-based creations have graced the tables of the most demanding gourmets. Every season, we are committed to offering fresh, high-quality products, reserved for the most refined palates.
      Our range, an expression of excellent gastronomy and Made in Italy, is exclusive and far from the standard supermarket shelves.


      Frequent questions

      What makes your truffle-based products unique?

      Our products stand out for their intense aroma, authentic flavor and renowned origin, respecting the ancient Italian traditions in the truffle sector.

      How do you guarantee the freshness of fresh truffles?

      We select the finest truffles extracted at the first light of dawn, guaranteeing unparalleled freshness and quality.

      How are truffle-based products best preserved?

      We recommend storing the products in a cool, dry place, away from direct light, and using them shortly after opening to enjoy their optimal quality.

      What are the recommended products for those starting to approach the world of truffles?

      For newbies, we suggest starting with our flavored oils or truffle creams, which are easy to use and enhance any dish.